The G

Is there a stadium like it anywhere in the world?

Is there a cauldron of fire that is the M.C.G.?

The mighty Melbourne Cricket Ground, known locally as the G.



I was lucky enough to grow up living a short distance from the G, with the footy crowd easily heard on a Saturday afternoon.

  • Ron lighting the flame for the start of the 1956 Olympics.
  • Betty Cuthbert lunging for the finish line.
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth twice.. in 1970* and 2006 for the opening of the Commonwealth Games.
  • Harmes knocking the ball back in that had gone over the boundary line
  • Kicking the footy with Frankie on the ground after a game until it was so dark we couldn’t see
  • Taking my son there for the first time


  • April 1970: A day at the footy┬áincluded a tour round the ground in a car and watching a match between Fitzroy and Richmond.






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