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From Seed-to-Plate: The Melbourne Fine Dining Restaurant You Need To Visit

My foodie friends, we certainly aren’t short of fine dining restaurants in Melbourne. And, yes, while our refined palates are spoilt for choice, sometimes we want a little more. We want something innovative, something that will push the culinary boundaries, something that makes us cry ‘oh my!’

We’ve come across a Melbourne fine dining restaurant that does all that…and then some. Not only do they feature exquisite degustation dining, fine wine and top notch service, they also grow all of the produce they use.

We’re talking about O.MY in Beaconsfield. And my, oh my, are we in love!

Less than an hour’s drive from the CBD, O.MY is a Melbourne fine dining destination like no other, employing a seed-to-plate philosophy that champions the best of seasonal, organic and locally-grown produce. Most of which, mind you, is sourced, planted and picked by Blayne, Tyson and Chayse Bertoncello, the three young brothers who opened O.MY just a short 15 months ago.

Housed in a heritage-listed butchery, O.MY likes to keep things close to home. Quite literally, in fact – the brothers live across the road. The Bertoncello trio have transformed their front and back yards into yet another farm, complete with a sprawling vegetable garden, recycled timber hothouse and a 10-metre trellis for the beans to climb. This is just one of the six O.MY vegetable gardens, where the brothers pick the produce just hours before service each day. The bread’s baked on site, the butter hand-cultured and what cannot be grown is sourced from 5 minutes down the road.

Driven by a passion for quality produce, Head Chef Blayne spends countless hours researching and sourcing the specialised seeds, picking the ingredients just before service, using his keen understanding of flavour and texture to create dishes that continue to delight and surprise. This devotion to quality, along with a fine-tuned cooking technique and acute attention to detail, has already garnered O.MY a reputation as being one of Melbourne’s best restaurants offering an out of the ordinary fine dining experience. And damn, has it got us excited!

That brings us to the food. Oh my, the food! Once offering a la carte, O.MY have done away with the menu, giving diners the option of four, six and eight course menus, each degustation championing the very best of what’s in season. O.MY’s dedication to seasonal, organic and local produce dictates what’s served each night, the menu changing with what’s most abundant, or what’s in its prime, each day before service.

While we can’t give you a menu to mull over, rest assured what O.MY presents will surpass any and all expectations (trust us, it’s not done justice in print!). One night you may dine on a spring-inspired dish of pork neck and cheek, Amaranth granola, carrot variations, mustards and apple. Or perhaps a succulent duck’s breast decorated with turnip, blueberry, oxalis, parsnip and grass onion. The sweet finish? It only gets better with dessert, with O.MY’s take on the classic chocolate and hazelnut pairing proving to be truly inspiring (not to mention totally drool-worthy!). The presentation is exquisite, the flavour combinations innovative, and the whole thing just damn delicious. But, hey, don’t take our word for it – try it for yourselves!

Oh, and, make sure you opt for the wine pairing; O.MY boasts an impeccable Victorian-focused list, expertly paired by Chayse, the youngest of the Bertoncello trio and an up-and-coming Sommelier. Heck, you don’t have to tell us twice!SEED-TO-PLATE LUNCH
Melbourne foodies, have we got the event for you! Held on the 9th of November, O.MY’s Seed-to-Plate Lunch will offer guests a taste of the seasonal, organic and local approach of one of Melbourne’s best fine dining restaurants.

Run in conjunction with Good Food Week, the event will start with a tour of O.MY’s vegetable gardens, where you’ll learn what, when and why everything is grown, before you sit down to a specially-designed six-course degustation menu, the produce picked from the very garden you’re perched in. Of course, the lunch will include wine, expertly paired by Chayse, as well as sparkling mineral water.

Bookings are already being snapped up, so we suggest you call 03 9769 9000 or email to secure your spot pronto!

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From Seed-to-Plate: The Melbourne Fine Dining Restaurant You Need To Visit
By Ella Pleasant – 01 Oct 2014


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