In 2004, I started hearing unmistakeable sentiments about our marvellous Melbourne.

It didn’t seem to matter who it was, friends, family, visitors, in the press, everyone had good things to say about “how they felt about Melbourne”.

This wasn’t your normal “Melbourne is a good place” type comment, but comments like…

I don’t know why, but I really love Melbourne!

That got me thinking…

For a start, phew, it wasn’t just me that thought about Melbourne in this way.

Other people (mostly Melburnian’s) also loved Melbourne, and were quite happy to say so.

Then, if I could not explain in a sentence why I loved Melbourne, how could I expect other people to?


The Book!

Something About MELBOURNE

Everyone knows something, and its your something that we want to hear about.

Lets keep it really simple! We want to know about YOUR Melbourne. Tell us about your neck of the woods, that space in Melbourne that has a place in your heart. For some it will be a place, for others it will be a time, for others it will be something else, but if you look deep enough, your passion for this marvellous city will centre around something.

I will give you a couple of examples to help..

Church Street, Richmond

This writer realised his life had been shaped by growing up in Richmond, or more closely in and around Church Street Richmond. While most writers would send a photograph with their story, Derek painted a picture that incorporated all of the elements that made up Church Street and his memory of it..
Church Street Richmond was his Melbourne.

Trams in Melbourne

I met a gentleman who was conducting tours in the tramway museum in Hawthorn. Besides being very knowledgable about trams, he also understood how trams were woven into Melbourne society. You would have had to caught a 48 tram (North Balwyn to the city) every morning and night for 5 years to understand some of the nuiances of what he was saying, but interesting it was!
Trams were his Melbourne.

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